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Why there's more to Prague than stag dos

Why there's more to Prague than stag dos

As an end of summer treat, my boyfriend and I booked a four day escape to the Czech Republic. We stayed for two nights in Prague (the capital) and moved onto Karlovy Vary (the Czech Republic's equivalent to Bath) for the remaining nights. I have so much to say about Karlovy Vary (and not all good), so more on this bizarre town in my next blog post!

Here are my ten observations about Prague:

1) There's a lot more to Prague than Stag dos

If I'm completely honest, I had always been put off Prague for its reputation as a serious stag do destination. It's not that I don't mind thumb-shaped-men adorned in bras and stockings consuming as much beer as physically possible whilst chanting 'We love you England' as they race to the city's strip clubs. I would just rather be on some kind of riviera, sipping a delicate white wine watching the moonlight refract and the world go by. However, I am happy to announce that there is a lot more to Prague than stag dos. I fell head over heels with the city.

2) Trdelnik is the most delicious, calorific snack

The first thing you must do when you arrive in Prague is head straight to the Trdelnik stalls. Don't bother checking into your hotel. Don't bother waiting for your friend in the airport. Just. get. somewhere. that. sells. Trdelnik. These Czech delicacies are hollow donut-tasting pastries sprinkled with cinnamon and filled with a range of calorific toppings (including melted nutella). 10/10.

3) Czech out the Czech beers

I'm not a beer lover, but Czech beers are something special. Light, refreshing and incredibly cheap, you'll be drinking Pilsner and Krusovice like your life depended on it by the end of the trip! If you get the chance, try some chocolate beer too. Surprisingly scrumptious!  

4) Free walking tours are fab (after the cringeworthy team building)

One of my favourite activities abroad are walking tours. Not only do you learn (a *fairly* accurate) history of the city, you receive tips and tricks from locals, as well as finding hidden gems that you'd miss if you walked around without one. If you can put up with the eye-watering, toe-curling and at times simply infuriating jokes and puns the guides like to spew, it's a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. 

5) The tat shops aren't really full of tat (but do sell the fluffiest bunnies!)

I'm one of those hideous people who absolutely loves tourist 'tat' shops - the ones filled with fridge magnets, slogan tshirts and usually some suspect genital-shaped salt and pepper shakers. I don't (usually) buy these types of artifacts, but instead hunt for unusual, cheap costume jewellery. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to find any interesting pieces of jewellery in Prague. Although they do sell these adorable, out-of-this-world fluffy bunny keyrings. So that's something!

6) Grab a dinner by the river

It's definitely worth the small premium to eat in a restaurant on the river. The incredible hues as the sun set over Prague castle and glittered onto the river was absolutely breathtaking. 

7) Centuries worth of interesting, understudied history

Apart from the fact that everything seems to be named after Prague's much-loved Charles IV, the city has a remarkable history. Stretching from the fourteenth-century escapades of Charles IV and his spoilt son Wenceslas, to the tragic persecution of Prague's Jewish population during World War Two and the city's velvet revolution in 1989.

8) Thrill seekers - take the trams (and maybe some anti-sick tablets)

The trams are not for the faint-hearted. Scary Czech pensioners. Abrupt, neck-breaking turns. Gravity-defying speeds. Add a few beers and you might as well be at a theme park! 

9) Enjoy the echoes of communism

The echoes of communism still whisper through the city. See if you can spot the old communist friezes and sculptures that glorify 'the worker' on unremarkable and unexpected street corners. Absolutely fascinating.

And finally...

10) There may be more to Prague than Stag dos...but there are still plenty of them

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