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Why bloggers should join The National Trust

Why bloggers should join The National Trust

I'm definitely biased. I studied History at university and there is nothing that gets me going like a decrepit Tudor manor or a weathered Welsh castle. On my latest castle hurrah, my boyfriend and I decided to buy a young persons National Trust membership. Membership costs £31.50 per person for the year and includes unlimited entry to hundreds of National Trust properties and attractions across the UK; as well as free parking in many tourist hot spots.

Granted, the copper-crusted-technology-infused world of blogging (blogging - a website containing a writer's observations) appears a million miles away from the depths of historic England. Upon closer inspection, however, National Trust membership, a decent camera and the stories that float from the whispers of forgotten hallways and empty dining rooms will keep you inspired for hours. 

Here's why you should join The National Trust, especially if you're a blogger:

1) Stunning photography

It's no secret that high quality, captivating images are a key ingredient to creating a successful blog. Sadly, in my opinion, I believe photography has become more important than written content - but I'll save that rant for another blogpost! One thing National Trust properties all have in common is their other-wordly beauty. From the architectural decadence of a Georgian manor, to the way sunlight passes through the cracks in decaying medieval walls. Even for the most inexperienced photographers, the beauty of National Trust properties is incredibly easy to capture. See below for some examples of how I've used historic sites for blog purposes!

2) Unusual shoot locations

How many times have you seen bloggers poised under the metal work of the Eiffel Tower or passing the white-washed streets of Kensington with its grand doorways, black iron railings and well-trimmed plants? National Trust properties provide unusual shoot locations that will enable you to produce original content for your blog (and we definitely need more originality in the market!). Furthermore, in my experience, historic sites are usually on the quiet side, which means you'll be able to pose in peace!

3) Unique gift shops

One of my favourite parts of visiting National Trust properties are the unique, quintessentially British gift shops that come at the end of each tour. Delightful homemade jams and chutneys line shabby chic shelves, beautiful 'coffee table' books and delicate Christmas decorations fill woven baskets and elegant silk scarves and unusual jewellery hang from the walls. Perfect for a haul!

4) Authentic shabby chic

Fold away your Paperchase wrapping paper and Wilkos marble adhesive paper! Laugh at photoshopped images and manufactured shabby-chic filters! Visiting a National Trust property is your chance to experience authentic shabby chic and real marble workspaces (if you're not a blogger, you probably don't know what I'm on about here!). You'll also be surprised at the inspiration springs that from a historic visit. Here are some wacky blog post ideas I've had whilst climbing 11th century turrets:
- How to replicate historic living spaces on a budget
- A National Trust Gift Shop Haul
- Historic fashion & lifestyle trends meet the 21st Century
- How to make the most of any long haul car journey/what to do on a wet weekend
- Art/DIY/Craft-inspired activities at historic sites

5) Help preserve wonderful pieces of British heritage 

Finally, and on a more serious note, your membership contribution (or any visit to a historical site) helps support the preservation of many wonderful pieces of British heritage. The treasures of The National Trust are not just for your grandparents or primary school field trips; they are to be enjoyed by all audiences and can help to build your own audience too!

Have you ever visited any historical sites and blogged about them? Let me know in the comments!

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